Start with a small service
Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union started as a decision group in 1972.The Brain behind this meeting ggroupo was Pa Elias Nde Warah of blessed memory.The main activity of thr group[ was weekly contribution of 500 Cfa and saving ranging from 5frs to 100 cfa.The first meeting took place at contribution Ntarinkon Mankon.During the meeting Pa Elias Nde Wara was elected president ,NchamsiMartin as book keeper and Nche Wilfred Abegly as treasurer
Registration as a Credit Union
In 1975 Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League (CAMCCUL) was invited to see how the meeting group could be transformed to a Credit Union. In 1985 NtaCCUL was registered as a credit union affiliated to CAMCCUL
Expansion of the Credit Union & COBAC Registration
In 1986 the President Elias Nde Wara stepped down and Kymbeng Joseph was elected President.The head Office was in Ntarinkon park which today remains trhe head quarter of NtaCCUL.In 1992 the Union was registered with the ministery of Agriculture ,Mr. Tumasang Jacob was President of the credit unionat that time.In 1990 ,Madam Musu Grace was recruited as the first book keeper of the union.In 2005 Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union was registered with the Banking Commission (COBAC) and the Manager was Evelyn Mambo Awah.
We will never give up
In 2013 in the general assembly meeting members voted to disaffiliate from the CAMCCUL network and to register as an independent category 1 Microfinance institution.During this periode the union’s General Manager Divine Ade Muma and the President Cletus Matoya Anye.As at 2015 the union has over 35 000 registered members,1.7 billion of equity,balance sheet total of 15 billion and having ten branches.